șѵєп ŝtæłєηš (dendermonde, belgium, 1979)
without capitals.
likes it that way. refuses to highlight letters without any reason.
father, poet, writer, math teacher, dj,
the only belgian flarfist around.
wrote ‘regular’ poetry. got bored.

s ||i9n|| s

letter s.

>>> InterNaPwoWriMo III

in Geof Huth‘s words:

For the month of April, I will be writing at least one one-word poem a month and posting it to my NaPwoWriMo blog. Of course, this acronym stands for National Pwoermd Writing Month, but I don’t feel like changing the address for the blog. Just keep in mind that April exists to encourage anyone anywhere in any language to write a pwoermd a day.